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Things to Do in West Chester OH

The list below includes 10 free or relatively inexpensive things to do in or near West Chester, OH. From The Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center to Buckeye Brew Tours, there are a variety of budget-friendly attractions in nearby cities like Cincinnati or Dayton Ohio. 

View our top 10 favorite things to do in the area for the next time you are looking for something new and exciting to do this weekend! 





Anyone in the Ohio area knows that this is the Aviation industry of America.  If you have never been to an aviation museum, you must visit the Wright Dunbar Center, even if you are not a huge fan of planes, this is a great learning experience.

This museum building has been list as a National Historic Landmark as this was where the Wright Cycle Company launched back in the early years.

Trivia, did you know, the Wright Brothers did not start as airmen? They actually started within the printing industry.

This center is open and free Wednesday-Sunday, during normal business hours.

16 S. Williams St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402


Welcome to the modern era of aviation, when you visit the U.S. Air Force National Museum you will be exposed to the largest and oldest military museum in Ohio.

This museum has over 1 million people who tour the facilities each year to view all the exhibits and with over 340 aircraft vehicles to see, you are sure to be there for a good part of the day.  The Air Force National Museum sits on just over 16 acres of land to house all of its attractions.

The Exhibits are laid out in chronological order, making it easy for you to travel through history to see how things evolved over time.

The museum has tons of activates for children such as boarding a NASA space shuttle or hopping in the pilot seat of an F14, there is so much here to keep you busy for hours.

Don’t forget to check out the B-2 stealth bomber the only one on display in the world.

1100 Spaatz Street
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433
(937) 255-3286


Cars, cars, and more cars, that is what you will see when you visit the
Packard Museum. This amazing museum opened back in 1992 in a building that was first built in 1917. The owner of this classic collection named Robert Signom has always loved collecting cars and now has them on display in the world's largest Packard collection on display.

Robert decided to keep the original name Citizens Motorcar Company, but for the fans that did not stick, they still call it the Packard Museum.   This museum was awarded one of the "Top Ten" Auto Museums by Car Collector magazine in America.

Society of Automotive Historians also tossed it the Bradley Award for "exemplary efforts displayed" for preserving the motor vehicle resource materials

With over 50 rare cars to see, you better bring your camera.

420 S Ludlow St,
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 226-1710



The Dayton Philharmonic is simply an amazing place to visit for the love of classical performances. From holiday concerts to The Rockin’ Orchestra, which plays performs music from (U2, David Bowie, Elton John, and much more). If you are a fan of the arts, then a visit to the Dayton Philharmonic is a must.

One West Second Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
888 228 3630


If craft beer is a favorite of yours, then taking a tour with the Buckeye Brew is something you would absolutely love.  On this tour, you will get to sample about a dozen crafts from microbreweries that spread out all over town.

On this tour, you will visit 3-4 different breweries and sample up to 12 crafts that are available for purchase.

This is what you can expect to visit on the tour: Eudora Brewing Co, Dayton Beer Company, Star City Brewing Company, and the Lucky Star Brewery.

1000 Carillon Boulevard Dayton, Ohio 45409




The aviation industry has attracted folks from many different cultures. As a result, the city’s dining scene is an eclectic fusion of local tradition and international flavor. These are our top five must-try restaurants that truly define Dayton’s culinary culture, from luxury to laid-back bistros and cafes, we have covered it all for you.


Restaurant, Vegan, American, Mediterranean, $$$

Olive, is best described as a vegan dive, this is what you refer to an accommodating restaurant. For example, they offer a full gluten-free menu, and for people who are vegan and have multi-allergy, they have options for you too. To ensure the highest quality of food, the restaurant gets its ingredients directly from local, organic, free-range providers as much as possible.

Olive was built back in 1938 and is the first dive for Dayton. Olive’s has a Chicago bistro-inspired concept to it. When you first walk in, you will notice customer service is paramount, this just adds the perfect combination to their Mediterranean-American fare.

44 W Third St
Dayton, OH, 45402
(937) 221-8399



Restaurant, American, $$$

Citiltes is located inside the Schuster Performing Arts Center in the heart of downtown Dayton. Citilites, has a range of soups, salads, and sandwiches for someone seeking a quick/lite bite to eat as well as dinner entrees for the more hungry theatre-goers. The Performing Arts Center is home to many of Dayton’s best performances such as the Dayton Opera, and, the Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you are a fan of the Opera you will want to make plans to visit this location for the food and shows.

1 W 2nd St
Dayton, OH, 45402
(937) 222-0623


Coco’s Bistro

Bistro, Pizzeria, Restaurant, American, BBQ, $$$

Coco’s Bistro is a cozy intimate restaurant that serves traditional BBQ food.  When you look over the menu you will see they have a large range of fare as well as continental inspiration to their meals, that you will fall in love with. Take my word for it, you have to try the lamb rib appetizer, this restaurant can quickly become a favorite of yours.

If you are seeking something more light, then try the Bourbon Street salad, this dish is an explosion of flavors in your mouth or you can tone it down a bit and try their amazing artisanal pizzas. If you go for dinner, you might want to make a reservation, private room dining is available for larger groups.

250 Warren St
Dayton, OH, 45402
(937) 228-2626


Thai 9

Restaurant, Thai, $$

Thai 9 is a Thai restaurant that also offers sushi and is open for both lunch and dinner. Try out one of their many appetizers to include the crab rangoons or the spring rolls. When you are there also try out one of the vegetarian specials, fish specials, or house specials.

11 Brown St
Dayton, OH, 45402
(937) 222-3227 




Cafe, Restaurant, American, $$$

Located next to the Dayton Airport Coldwater Café is an elegant restaurant that offers plenty of selections from their Chef Nick Hoover.  One option when here is the Chef’s Table that offers a five-course dining experience coupled with wine pairing.

Coldwater has outdoor seating available for the nice days when you want to watch the sunset outside. They also cater to private people with a room called the Upper Plate that is a private dining room that has amazing views.  Coldwater Café is open daily for lunch and dinner.

19 E Main St
Tipp City, OH, 45371
(937) 667-0007